Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, accurate, up-to-date Air Quality Emissions Inventory

Why do we need an Air Quality Emissions Inventory?

Air pollution is caused by emission of particulate and gaseous pollutants into the atmosphere. The higher the concentration of the pollutants, the worse the Air Quality (AQ) is. Poor ambient air quality is detrimental to the health of people, and can even be fatal in extreme situations.

In order to keep the air quality good, management of air quality is essential. AQ is managed by monitoring ambient air quality, and reducing emissions of pollutants where necessary. Effective management of Air Quality requires an accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive emissions inventory covering all sources of emissions.

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If you have access to information that may improve the quality of the emissions inventory, we welcome you help us. Emissions inventory data includes monitored emission information, and also activity data that (when combined with an emission factor) allows the calculation of emission rates.

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